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October 25, 2010 / thomcaraway

Honky-Tonk Bride

by Sarah Wells

Jesus is dancing like no one is watching

his partner. He smiles and twirls a girl

in a satiny top and high heels. The audience

raises their glasses and pitchers. The dance

floor is packed and they’re playing

his song, the one on seducing a love

gone wrong. All of the ways he’s tried

to romance her,

but she turns her head,

ignores his advances and catches other

cowboys’ stares. She is sure the world

prefers a man in a Stetson hat instead

of this wild-eyed dancer, shameless

for her. How effortlessly

he turns her,

gathers her into himself as if he loves her

wandering, as if he loves her

doubts, would save her from her

handsome predators every Wednesday,

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night

from this honky tonk to eternity.

Sarah M. Wells is the author of the chapbook, ACQUIESCE, which won the 2008 Starting Gate Award from Finishing Line Press (March 2009).  Poems by Wells have appeared or are forthcoming in /Measure, Poetry East, Christianity & Literature, Literary Mama, Poetry for the Masses, JAMA, Nimrod, Windhover, The New Formalist, Relief,/ and elsewhere.  Wells is the Administrative Director of the low-residency MFA Program at Ashland University, where she serves as Managing Editor for the Ashland Poetry Press and River Teeth: A Journal of Nonfiction Narrative.  She blogs at

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  1. the writ and the wrote / Nov 1 2010 9:52 pm

    This was wonderful. I really enjoyed it.

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