Some Questions for God

by Mary McGinnis

Are you the transparent look of First Woman waking?
Are you First Man’s  thick and awkward tongue?

Are you water of mistakes?
Are you cayenne of treachery?

Are you bags?
Are you black milk of despair?

Am I rain?  Are you particles?
Am I still a fish?  Are you still emptiness?

Are you inside the spaces inside my toes?
Am I falling?

Are you the knot I carry on my back,
invisible most of the time?

Are we together?  Are we reconciled?
Are we planted?

How long will either of us have today?
How long is here?

Mary McGinnis has been living, writing, working and laughing in New Mexico since 1972.  Her work has been published in over 75 journals and anthologies and her first full-length collection, Listening For Cactus was published by Sherman Asher Publishing in 1996.  She has upcoming work in The Sow’s Ear and Alimentum.  She is continuing to explore the mystery of faith.

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