Volume Six Issue One, Winter 2011


Gala Bent


Shannon Amidon \ Psalm

Ray Amorosi \ Two Poems

Janet Barry \ Two Poems

Cathy Bobb \ Two Poems

Beth Cooley \ Two Poems

Barbara Crooker \ Judas Tree

Jeffrey G. Dodd \ Three Poems

Edward A. Dougherty \ Chicory Flower Song

Marc Harshman \ The Stories that Feed Us

Jenelle Holmes \ Letter

Tom Holmes \ Two Poems

Christopher Howell \ Two Poems

Emmanuel Jakpa \ Two Poems

Maureen McQuerry \

Julie Moore \ Two Poems

Kristina Morgan \ Temple

Dan Morris \ Two Poems

Tom Noe \ Two Poems

Lee Passarella \ Cloudscape with Heron

Debra Rienstra \ Revision

David Stallings \ With Us

Joshua Michael Stewart \ End of Summer

Laura Stott \ City of Shiva

Ray Succre \ Deus Absconditus

Mary Van Denend \ Robert in Ecstasy

Hannah VanderHart \ Two Poems

Kelley White \ Three Poems

Leonore Wilson \ Soft Objects


Jeremy Clive Huggins \ Four essay-photos

Nancy Mairs \ Janani Leads Me to the Cross

Brie Stimson \ Jesus’ Answering Machine

Jessie van Eerden \ Raised-up, Wet-headed

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