Issue 8.1 cometh

We have most of the content settled for issue 8.1. The issue will be something of a theme issue, featuring work from some of the artists we believe will shape the discussion of Christian literature in the coming years. The writers we publish are, we believe, always exceptional, and deal with the issues we feel are of the utmost importance, in particular, the ways in which art responds to or is informed by faith in God. That often means a particular style or tone in the work we publish, and sometimes that tone, and those images, compile, accumulate. Sometimes they become tired. We’ve published our share of poems called “Psalm.” We publish a lot of poems that use birds as a central image or trope. Lots of gardening and trees. There’s nothing wrong with those poems or those images. Issue 8.1 will have birds, and gardens and trees, too. The cover will have birds. But the imagery needs to turn. The language needs to turn. We think the writers in issue 8.1 will be the ones doing the turning. They are finding new ways to engage their faith, new ways to think and write about God. They will demand your attention and challenge your thinking. Faith isn’t easy, and we don’t think that the literature of faith should be easy, either.

So if you aren’t a subscriber, now is the time. There’s a little button, just a couple inches away, that you can click on, and then we’ll send you 8.1. It’s nice to get things in the mail!

In the meantime, here is the cover of the coming issue. It has birds.

"Jeremiah: Sonic Medicine" by Scott Kolbo
“Jeremiah: Sonic Medicine” by Scott Kolbo

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