Valuing Our Roots: A Reflection on Charlottesville

by Katherine Karr-Cornejo The phases of my life have offered many opportunities and challenges, and when I think of my years in graduate school, I remember a time of my life that I value, but that I’m also glad I’ve completed. The intense and all-encompassing focus on my professional training and development, to the exclusion … Continue reading Valuing Our Roots: A Reflection on Charlottesville

Artist’s Statement, Heather Gwinn

The artist for issue 10.2 is Heather Gwinn. In a contemporary version of an old story, we stumbled across her work accidentally. One of our editorial assistants, Holli Steinmetz, discovered Heather's illustrations on Facebook, and tagged me in the comments. I investigated Heather's website, and found, along with a collection of really beautiful art, an … Continue reading Artist’s Statement, Heather Gwinn