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Spring ’24

R&S Artist Series

Apollo 13

Artist Series: Reading Toward the Stars

We wandered from telescope to telescope, each one offering us a brief window into another world. I saw nebulae, galaxies, star clusters, double stars — my dad would explain to me what I was seeing as I stood on tiptoes to peer through a telescope’s eyepiece.

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Laura Bloxham

Artist Series: Rejoicing in Reading

For years after that summer, I used reading mysteries to signal the end of the semester, the beginning of a break, where I could indulge myself.  But it was not just the mysteries themselves, but the structure that relieved my stress.

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Artist Series: The Wide-Awake Princess

Are the arts valued in this culture, in this day and age? Sadly, no—not the way they should be, not in a way that sustains working artists. I’ve always known this. Are the arts valuable? Yes—immensely.

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Neil Postman

Artist Series: Amusing Ourselves to Death

Much has been written recently about our current political culture and the divides it creates. Still more has been written about the rise of technology use, the dip in attendance at traditional community institutions like churches and social clubs, and how these changes affect the way we all view each other.

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Arnold Lobel

Artist Series: Days with Frog and Toad

Toad is like most of us: awkward and worried and often very silly. If we’re lucky, we have a friend or parent or spouse like Frog who can see the bigger picture in life and who loves us despite our quirks.

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Becoming a Novelist

Artist Series: On Becoming Something, Possibly a Novelist

In John Gardner’s Becoming a Novelist, the author names two kinds of writers. One is fascinated by their own inner world, crafting characters as they appear before them. I think of Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway — the complex inner-life of a woman receiving the world like she’s casting a net into the sea and is more interested in how the net does its snaring work than in what she hauls in.

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animal sanctuaries

Artist Series: When Pigs Fly

In photos of cows and pigs, I began to see sentient souls looking back at me. I would lose my breath at the beauty I had never known to look for in “livestock.” I felt myself peering into the eyes of a goat and searching for a language other than English in which to communicate, a language that has nothing to do with words.

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Artist Series: Vinyl Melancholy

Here the media—the outmoded form of vinyl on turntable—allows me to step out of the relentless grind of my daily life. The record will finish playing one side in a remarkably short period of time and beg me to return to flip it over or replace the record with a new one.

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