Rock & Sling is a journal of witness, and we take that charge seriously. While in the past we have said that we are “open to experiences of all kinds,” now is a time to be specific, not just open.

We seek the witness, the experience, the art of Black and indigenous people and people of color. We seek the witness of genderqueer, gender fluid, and all people along the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. We seek the witness of immigrants and refugees, of people with disabilities, of women, and all those often marginalized by the literary and publishing communities.

We seek work that engages the world and the writer’s experience in the world from any faith tradition, whether it is Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, or otherwise. And we seek work by those who do not participate in organized or traditional faiths.

Witness has in its definition the concept of testimony. To testify is to tell the truth, an inherent call to all  artists and writers. We seek those who are telling truth.

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