All creative work is an act of faith. The artist, consciously or not, participates in one of the most sacred traditions in all of humanity. It was with the Word that God created the world, and through the artistic composition, the artist breathes life into new worlds, and into our world.

In keeping with the original vision of Rock & Sling, we will continue to be a hallmark of quality writing, embracing broad differences in experience—spiritual, cultural, or political. We will seek to be a forum for those writers and artists engaged explicitly or obliquely with the problems, triumphs, heart breaks, ecstasies of faith, and complicated joys in our lives. In so doing, we hope to create a liminal space, or as longtime Whitworth president Bill Robinson describes it (borrowing from Martin Buber), a narrow ridge, from which we view and consider both the sacred and secular aspects of our culture. We hope to serve as a forum for an open and vigorous intellectual and artistic discussion, and a meeting place between those elements of our world that are often so diametric.

We seek the highest quality work, work which embraces, wrestles with, argues with, celebrates and brushes up against our ideas of faith, whether it be on the cultural or personal level. In the words of the journal’s founders, “an accepted Rock & Sling submission may not even make explicit reference to Christianity, but it will maintain a universal spiritual curiosity.” Above all, we desire work which seeks beauty and excellence, in form and in meaning, and explores the boundaries of what we know to be true.

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