Meet Rock & Sling’s New Web Editor

Like books, blog posts plunge me into a perspective different than my own, but in a way that is immediate, a compact chunk of text to absorb while taking the bus to work, multitasking during a Netflix binge, or sitting on a park bench during my lunch break. The great posts divert me from my comfort zone, helping me see myself, my community, my life, in new ways, sending me back into my day with a subtle shift in perspective, a gentle (or not so gentle) nudge to keep chewing on this new idea.

R&S Seeks Rad Bloggers

Rock & Sling is on the lookout for correspondents who'll bear witness to this world--its art, music, books, politics, faith, doubt--and blog about it right here. To apply, send a writing sample and a paragraph about your writing interests/experience to Nicole, our web editor, at We look forward to hearing from you!