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by Sara Whitestone This piece was originally published by GFT Press. Of all my States of Mind, Virginia is the hardest to unmix—to cipher down

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Ann Marie Bausch

Forgiving Our Small Towns

by Ann Marie Bausch Once upon a time, I was lucky enough to be invited on a free trip to Paris.  I encountered the usual

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Filling the Cracks with Gold

by Polly Hollar Pauley I recently read that Japanese ceramic artists think that an item that has suffered damage becomes more beautiful, and that when

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Heather Caliri


by Heather Caliri I was a junior in college when my Bible study leader, Tina, recommended that I memorize Scripture. She pulled out a card

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Being Born Again

by T. J. Pancake I took freshman-year health class as a sophomore in high school. It’s mostly about sex, which you would think 15-year-olds would

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Learning From the Ants

by Kathryn Smith Beneath my patio, a silent upheaval. Silent to me, though the ants hear it in their own way, a vibration humming their

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body image

The Body, Revisited

by Kelli Hennessey I have always been heavy. I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t extremely aware of the limits of my body. I

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Crater Lake

Running Water

by Judith Shadford My response to running water is instinctive, right up there with my response to Wagner, Rachmaninoff, Charles Villiers Stanford, Harry Potter, David

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Costa Rica

Whose Word Is “Shalom”?

by Maggie Montague Shalom was how my grandfather greeted us as my family was ushered through the door of his 300 square foot apartment in

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cautionary tales about power tools

On Scars and Their Stories

by the Rev. Martin Elfert The scar runs up my forehead, starting just above my right eyebrow. Perhaps half an inch wide at the bottom,

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Love At First Sight

by Jenny Brown For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God. The Spirit you received does not make you

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Jeff Dodd

An Interview with Jeff Dodd

John Taylor is an R&S editorial assistant and recent Whitworth grad. He interviewed contributor Jeff Dodd. John Taylor : You’ve said that much of your

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1970s psychology

In My Father’s Library

by Jackie Wallace My dad has this library. It’s mostly history books, and books on various religions. He has a whole corner of the room

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On First Transgressions

by Jacquelyn Wheeler I was at Grandie and Poppa’s house, its weird guest room with the rainbow bed spread, the baseball lamp, the plaques on

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Ark Press

Midnight Orchard

by Nathan Hauke I’m given to write poems. I cannot anticipate their occasion —R Creeley, A Quick Graph It’s December already and the windows are

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