Halcyon Panacea

by Amanda C. R. Clark with Sophia Du Val Halcyon Panacea hal·cy·on| ˈhalsēən | adjective denoting a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peacefulpan·a·ce·a| ˌpanəˈsēə | noun a solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases doing okay strange and hard time thinking of you hope cope with the current situation The above erasure poetry came to be by removing words from the email sent to … Continue reading Halcyon Panacea

Being Wrong, Being Right, and Being a White Woman of Privilege

by Sara Whitestone In a small Virginia town I mistakenly make an illegal U-turn. A police officer immediately pulls me over. I immediately start crying. These are not crocodile tears; instead they flow from the mortification that I did something wrong and will have to (rightfully) face the consequences. And yet, there are no consequences. … Continue reading Being Wrong, Being Right, and Being a White Woman of Privilege

Looking Back at Summer Reading

Rock & Sling

by Laura Bloxham

When I was in grade school I lived for summer reading programs at the local library. If I read so many books or so many pages, I could qualify for prizes. Usually the top prize was a ride through town on a fire engine. I qualified for that prize after the first month.

When I was in junior high school I looked forward to reading in bed all day, reading classics with big classic stickers on the spine. I read Crime and Punishment and Mansfield Park until my eyes were bleary. Then I’d put a sweatshirt over my nightgown to make myself presentable for supper with my family.

In my adult years I’ve had various summer reading plans. During my college summers, I read Faulkner novels. For ten years or so I read Dickens novels. Of course I read many other books as well.

Because most of…

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In the same way, if I spend so much energy and effort trying to create music or art or poetry that is meaningful, or beautiful, shot-through with light, grace, insight, and love, how can that not spill over into working for these things in the larger world?